Guppy Fish & Elephant Ear

This guppy fish more is known as millionfish including rainbow fish. does one from the world several widely scattered tropical fish including individual of this most familiar freshwater aquarium fish classes.

Guppy Fish & Elephant Ear

This is a member from each family Poeciliidae plus. like about all American parts of that group is live-bearing. whose native range is within northeast (South America). did introduce through various habitats plus are soon found all across the world. Both are very flexible and grow in many many environmental furthermore ecological #condition.

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Male guppy which remains less than female. should elaborate caudal including dorsal fin. Wild guppies usually feed at a different about food sources. also benthic algae furthermore aquatic beetle larvae. Guppies last used as one model plant in the areas of ecology, #behavioral studies, evolution. you can also read the Wikipedia and you can learn more about guppys. Guppy Fish & Elephant Ear

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